The Juxon Room at Eastbridge

Following extensive restoration, the Eastbridge Trustees are pleased to announce a new part of their historic buildings is now open for you to visit and also available for small groups wishing to host events, exhibitions or displays.

The Juxon Room is situated on the ground floor adjacent to the entrance vestibule. It is named after Archbishop William Juxon (1582 – 1663) whose coat of arms is displayed on the front exterior wall of this part of the Eastbridge. As can be seen, the room spans the River Stour being supported by large timber beams stretching from one side of the river bank to the other via a central stone support which divides the main river channel from the mill race. A section of this structure, and the river, can be seen through the illuminated glass floor below the two stone arches which form part of the Kings Bridge. The accompanying photographs were taken at the formal opening and blessing of the Juxon Room by The Right Reverend Bishop of Dover on March 21st 2019.

If you wish to use the Juxon Room for an event please contact the Clerk & Receiver to Eastbridge.

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