Eastbridge Hospital, Greyfriars Chapel and The Franciscan Gardens

Greyfriars Chapel and the Franciscan Gardens

Photo of Greyfriars chapel house

Welcome to the Greyfriars Chapel and the Franciscan Garden.

Greyfriars Chapel is the only building now remaining of the first English Franciscan Friary built in the years following the arrival of the first Friars in 1224, during the life time of St Francis of Assisi.

Entry is free but a donation for the up-keep of the building will be gratefully received. There is also a visitors book which you are welcome to sign.

Please feel free to wander around the garden to enjoy the quietness, despite being so close to the busy city centre. Visit the exhibition on the lower floor to read more about the history of this important settlement.

The Chapel on the upper floor is used each Wednesday at 12:30pm for an Anglican celebration of the Eucharist to which visitors are welcome.

Undoing Henry's decree - The Franciscans returned to Greyfriars.

The first Franciscan Friary on this site grew into a considerable monastery, but this was dissolved in 1538 under King Henry VIII's orders and the brothers banished. The Franciscans returned to Canterbury some 430 years later and the Anglican Franciscans came in 2003 living at Eastbridge and worshipping in Greyfriars Chapel and doing pastoral work in Eastbridge Hospital and the local area.

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